As the shimmering sides of our metal tunnel drew farther into the unknown, I recounted many things within the vault of my memories.
  When I had seen the ship first, I had absolutely no fear.  I was fascinated and excited by the prospect of others from far off visiting our land.  I had watched the beaches through my spyglass, describing every little aspect of these people to my wife.  It was shocking how similar they were!  Sure, they were a bit paler, and their faces a lot sharper, but they were so much like us!
  But also like us, they had the dream of conquest.  I'm unsure when the surreal aspect of this faded, but I think it was the third day I had been on the road.  My entire family was in a canister dangling from my pack.  I looked behind me, to see if the ship was still looming on the horizon, and it was.  It was just like any other sun or moon.  A little shape in the sky that had left a big impact upon us all.
  When "war" had been declared, I had run to get my the rest of my family from their home.  When I arrived, the Obliveis had already come and gone.  Corpses had littered my childhood playground.  My father had died with his ancient rifle in hand, thinking he could repel the invaders I'm sure.  That was the kind of man he was.
  My wife and I tried to flee, but were separated because one caravan was taking women and children, and the other was carrying the able bodied men to the next front of battle.
  I don't really understand how it happened, but I guess there were just too many in that other convoy.  It was slightly slower, and became first in the gun-sights.
  I had watched the last wagon in the line, my wife's red dress plainly visible.  Maybe a dozen pods fell near us, the corn fields became an inferno.
  And then an explosion, from some ordnance the ship had launched.  It was slow moving, like a giant hand reaching out and clenching down on half the other convoy.  And swallowing it in fire.
  I remember jumping off my own caravan and running, running through smoldering crops, knocking away a disoriented enemy, and crashing through the torched wreckage.  I found my wife's body.  She had died shielding another girl from the flames.  This young girl helped me grab her body.
  The soldier convoy was destroyed shortly after.  And that had crippled the next town's defense.  I burned the body of my wife, then set off for the safer capital.  The girl was named Lilla.  Lilla traveled with me for a long time, she had one close cousin in the capital, and wanted to find him in case the war got any worse.  Our path away from the carnage ended up leading right into where an engagement where the remainder of our army was holding out.  I told Lilla to run onward while I fought to help secure safe passage for people of the nearby town.
  I had off and on fights.  Joining locals as they made valiant tries to stop the unwavering exterminators.  It always just ended up with falling back.
  And then we had fell back all the way to the last stronghold.  Because everyone else was dead, I basically received the position I hold now.
  The crash of flint snapped me out of my day dream.  My pistol was out and I was scanning for enemies.  The old man stood, the massive rifle raised with one hand.  I hadn't seen anything ahead.  But sure enough, a few moments later, the cloaked figure of an Obliveis collapsed out of the  further darkness and lie in a pool of blood.
  The old man had seen no more, so he instantly reloaded and re-holstered his gun.  We continued cautiously, hearing the garbled alien tongue being spoken from the floor above us.

The End

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