Last Spool of ThreadMature

It was a dangerous affair crossing the drop floor.  Open pits were everywhere, ready to cast us back down into the mortal realm.  I had turned my back for a moment to ask the old man a question.
  It was then that the pods began to withdraw.  I could see the cables beginning to rewind, and we hadn't set the explosives yet.
  The boy in charge of setting the charge was fumbling with the bag, and was in such a rush that he was accidentally skipping steps.
  "You fool!" I yelled, "don't hurry it!"
  He looked up at me, then to the bag, then shook his head and turned away from the bag and began to run.  Idiot.  Though I couldn't blame him, but this left me with few options.
  With a sudden speed, as if I had wind under my feet, I dashed to the quietly ticking bag.  A pod right beside me burst up, and threw me and the bag asunder in a puff of powerful compressed air.  One hand reached instinctively to the bag, and grabbed a handful of the canvas.  I hugged it to me as I slammed back on the floor, several rivets slicing into my back.
  The old man cried out, but I quickly went back to preparing the "bomb".  With one hand I connected the last pair of copper tips and struck the timer.
  A rush of steam burst out and crossed over me.  The door was open, and I could see their orange guns glowing ominously through the mist.
  A bullet soared past and brought one Obliveis down.  The old man was perhaps the most accurate shot I had seen in all my time.  I still had my pistol, which I drew against another soldier.
  A blazing fireball miraculously missed my head, and revealed the shooter's whereabouts.  With one blast, I heard him hit the floor.
  With that I gripped the leather strap on the bag, and swung it about me.  In one turn, I released and watched it sail into a soldiers chest.  He was thrown off balance and stumbled backward into his pod.  I wasted no time scrambling away.  That explosion was no less than a half-minute behind me.
  Around me, the hiss of squads returning to the ship had renewed my desire to run.  Narrowly I avoided falling through one of the huge holes, and as I hopped back, a furry of sparks erupted around me.
  "Down!"  Yelled the old man.
  Down I went, thankfully missing the row of rivets that had shredded my coat(and a bit of my back).  My movement wasn't halted though, I crawled along the dark path while the battle raged on just above me.
  And then I could see everything; the whole room was illuminated in a strong white light.  The heat and fire on the other hand, came shortly after.  I stole a look at the massive fireball as it both singed enemies, and forced them back through the places they came.
  A pair of hands grabbed my arm and heaved me away, mere moments before I would have been swallowed by this inferno.   As my savior and I rolled forward, a wave of such intense heat I'd never felt before rolled over us.
  For a moment we both stared back at the ruptured machinery, and the victory we had just taken.  Few bodies remained after, most had fallen through or been nearly vaporized in the blast.  It was much less glorious than I had envisioned.  It actually left a bad taste in my mouth.  Not a great time for regrets after everything I'd done.
  An interesting irony was that the boy who had fled from the bomb had saved me.  He obviously looked guilty, and opened his mouth to say something.  I replied with my palm, not wanting to hear apology or excuse.
  I dusted myself off, and checked the hole in my shoulder from earlier.  It really was starting to hurt.  One of the boys had noticed my twisted face, and grabbed a makeshift bandage.  Comprised of an old towel dipped in a foul smelling substance that I prayed was going to prevent infections, rather than create them.
  The second it touched my flesh, it was like being hit by the flaming pellet all over again.  I probably screamed more than I'd like to believe in that moment.  But it eventually subsided, and my singed skin was soothed in blissful coolness.
  This place wasn't safe.  I felt we had already overextended our rest here.  I wasn't even sure that explosion had really killed every enemy, and we might be picked off soon by some one armed Obliveis.
  The old man obviously thought the same, and grabbed me by the arm.  I was hauled up to look at our next dilemma.  The exit from this bay was fairly apparent, but split into three arching passages.  They were marked, but of course, I couldn't ascertain what the symbols meant.
  The ship's asymmetrical configuration on the two 'dome' bridge area basically showed that one side was for navigation, as this sphere was covered in small view-ports and machinery(this was where I hoped to stir up commotion).  The other side possessed utterly no windows, so likely crew quarters.
  I assumed the left hall would take me to my destination, and the middle probably led directly to the tangle of metal that held the hull to the half disk engine.
  "Just keep following whatever path leads onward."  Said I pointing.
  "We'll not likely see each other again."  Said one of the men, grabbing his bag of explosives, "it was a pleasure saving Anatia with you."
  "Sir!"  They all hollered in unison, weapon across their chest in respect.
  I stood there, eyebrow raised.  A little smiled traced over my lips, and I returned their salute.
  "Luck to ya."  I smiled, as my two man army marched into the hollow darkness, and into the last battle.

The End

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