The sphere was, up close, an object so alien.  Built with an impeccable design that flowed perfectly around the exterior.  Although, it was not as spherical as I had previously thought, more of a tapered oval.  This shielding was obviously supported with an immense amount of internal bracing.  As I stepped through the indented entrance, I could see it's inner workings.  Note, that I could make no sense of the tangled wires and gears.  Obviously it took an intelligence beyond out greatest minds to operate, much more maintain such devices.
  Though the simplicity of the controls was intended for foot soldiers with no such education.  A single lever, along with a knob to control decent speed was placed on a single metal sheet on a rod.
  When I checked behind me, the old man had braced against the wall of the pod.  His hair was hanging just over his eyes.  They watered, I could tell.  The sting of battle, the loss of a child.  He may have been the last in the entire family.
  I had no idea how effective this would be, or if it actually would be so simple as to flick a lever.  Even if it did stand with odds against me,  there were still numbers played.
  So I gripped the lever with all my might, throwing it back and waited for the results.  A series of strange clockwork clicks could be heard immediately after my action.  I was afraid at first that the pod was damaged.  My worries were soon disproved rather forcefully as the whole thing jerked upward and threw me to the silver floor.  It paused at about ten meters before suddenly speeding upward with a vicious speed.
  There was a single circular window to the outside, which I quickly staggered to and checked in hope.  Outside another pod was rising quickly, as did my spirits.  This was another group that had been fighting a few blocks over, I had hoped they would make it.
  It was much less than the thirty seconds to get to the ship.  The porthole was suddenly enveloped in darkness as I stared at the diminishing buildings below in slight awe.  I was startled when this happened, but I was on my feet.  My hands gripped the only security I still possessed; I removed my last two short barreled pistols and aimed at the door.  The old man looked up and readied his son's musket at my side.
  The door slid open with a hiss, and nothing but the darkness greeted us.  I looked to my comrade and nodded my forward.  He complied and we both stormed out the front of the ship, hitting a cold artificial ground as we jumped forward.
  At first the place was a blur, a whirlwind of red and black.  But my eyes did indeed adjust, astounding me.
  This holding bay for the pods was enormous and dim.  The farthest wall was hardly visible in the ghostly lighting.  Around me on the floor was another source of light.  The giant ports where these groups of pods were dropped.  And the rush of air and a loud thump alerted both me and the old man to a late arrival.
  We habitually trained our weapons on it.  Receiving a yelp from one young man saw that first as he came out.
  "I be friendly!"  Called he.
  "How many come with you?"  Said I, lowering the pistols.
  He pointed, and three men hopped out in succession.
  "There is one more pod that approaches."  Said the old man with his steadied voice.
  Sure enough, one last pod popped through the ground.  In it were two young boys, with rifles at the ready.
  "Gather here."
  This....was grim.  Not fifteen men had made it, only eight.  The difficulty kept going up.
  "Both of you have your packs?"  Asked I.
  They produced the three huge bags.  I unzipped one and studied it carefully.

  Mining explosive.  Or at least similar.  It was the most powerful thing I could produce in this amount of time.  I had hoped for another bag, but then also another seven soldiers.
  "This ship must have a captain of some sort.  We will neutralize the command crew, but that is merely a diversion for you to get two of those explosive packs into the weak zone between this ships sections.  The third we will use now to destroy the lift devices in this area."

The End

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