Over the Rainbow

Katie has cancer. Not the good, fixable kind the kind that can be fixed, Katie has Liver Cancer. The survival rate is 9%.
Please tell me if you see any grammar or spelling errors, that would be greatly appreciated. :)

Chapter 1: The Story Game

I sit with my sister on the bland hospital bed. She strokes my hair while I start the Story Game. The Story Game is a game Katie and I  started on a road trip to Seaside, my most favorite place ever. I wish I was there now, walking the beach collecting seashells with Katie. I wish I wasn't here now, I wish I was on a walk with Katie.  The story game is where I  start a sentence with over the rainbow... and Katie adds on until our story is complete. 

"Do you want to play the story game, Katie?" I whisper.

"Sure." She replies softly, not wanting to wake Mom up. 

"Over the rainbow..." I start.

"there was a magical prince..."

"that was an amazing doctor that..."

" Could cure anything except..."

" a frog in your throat.  But he was a specialist in..."


Katie's eyes glass over and she starts to sob. I stroke her arm and say "I'm sorry K, I'm sorry."

"Brynne, why me? There are so many people out there, why me?" She cries.

 "Because God thought you could handle it." I say louder, figuring Mom was already up.

The sobs become louder and I comfort her as best I can.

I stare at my already wet navy sweatshirt. 

"Are you okay, Katie? Does it hurt?" 

Mom tells me to get off the bed and sits on the end of the bed with Katie. I sit on the chair and attempt to fall asleep.

This will be a long night.


The End

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