Nicolas Dias?

Joe looks considerably shocked at your question.

"Nicolas Dias? What has this got to do with him?" He seems almost frightened as he looks at you imploringly.

"So you do know him then?"

"Yes, well... I did. He's dead. He's been dead for a few years now. Why do you ask about him?"

Dead? Did Cal know he was dead? He made it sound as if he'd been spying on him recently. This doesn't make any sense to you. But now you've said it. Now you have to think of something to tell Joe. And maybe he can still help. If he knew Dias, maybe he knows something about Cal too, if indeed Dias knew anything about Cal.

The silence has lasted long enough, you realize. Joe looks desperate for you to say something. Finally you decide.

"I'm sorry to hear that... I didn't know. You see, someone told me about him a long time ago. He was helping them through a difficult situation, and I was hoping he might be able to help me through this now."

Joe appears to relax a bit, but you can tell he's still tense. What if he's only pretending to believe your story? What if Dias never even "helped" people like this at all? What if he knows you're lying to him?

"Well I'm afraid my help will have to suffice," Joe says. "If you do want my help, that is..."

"Yes, yes I do. I just... don't really know what to ask you."

"How about I ask you a few questions to clear things up?" he offers.

"Go right ahead." You do your best to mentally prepare yourself to answer anything. You quickly run over your entire story, making sure you won't hesitate if he asks you a tricky question.

"What is this "Devil" that's restraining you? And why the Moon? Why is it so mystifying that you can't attack the problem the usual way, with your intelligent, analytical mind? I know that's why you came here tonight, and it's the reason you're looking for Nicolas. You can trust me. Everything you tell me is entirely confidential. So what is it, Edward?"

You want to believe him. You want to let him help you. You have to. And besides... He could still be Nicolas Dias. But if he is, why didn't Cal know he had an alias? But it doesn't matter. There's no turning back now.

"I have a friend. Well, he's either my friend or my enemy, one of the two. He's the one restraining me... because I know something about him that I should use against him, but I don't want to hurt him. He insists that what I know isn't the whole story, and that he isn't to blame. He wants me to help him. The truth is... he sent me here to find Nicolas Dias."

The End

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