The Younger Man

A little startled and fairly put off, you push your chair back and walk away quickly.  The guy's a kook, you think to yourself bitterly.  If this is the real Nicolas Dias then you're in for a hard time.  You couldn't decipher much from the short interaction but before you go in for another session with the unpredictable old guy, you decide to check out the younger one.  Process of elimination, you think hopefully.

There is still a gaggle of women falling about the younger guy's table, laughing raucously at what he's telling the woman in the chair sitting across from him.  You hang about some other stalls while you wait, browsing through cheap magic tricks and gimmicks.

"Is there a pretty lady in your future, dearie?  Only five dollars...." An old woman with a vibrant scarf around her head, crooks her knarled finger, motioning you to come closer.  You shake your head with a distinctive 'no' and keep walking without slowing down.

Finally, the group of women stumble away and the table is free.  You sidle over, trying not to look too eager.  You take a seat and place the bill on the table.  The young man glances at you and smiles.


"Hey, man."

His glance lingers just a moment too long on the ten dollars lying on the table before he finally removes it.

"A reading?"  He asks.

You couldn't really care less what this guy does, you just need to start getting information...something that will help you find out who's who, and what to do next.  "Sure."

He starts shuffling the cards before placing them on the table, cutting the deck in two.  While he's moving the cards about, you try to think of something to say, to get this guy talking.  It's not as easy as it looks.

He talks first. "What are you looking for?"

"Looking for?"

"In the cards." He offers, as clarification.

"Oh, someone I know died...they we're killed.  Murdered."  You're not enirely sure whether that waver in your voice was real or for show.

"You're not the usual type of person around here."  Perhaps it was this guy's version of small talk, or perhaps he's on to you and your ulterior motives, either way, you're feeling uncomfortable.  If this was Dias, he probably had people coming to case him all the time.  He could probably spot them from a mile away.

"I didn't know what else to try."  You start making stuff up on the spot.  "I'm feeling a little...helpless." Which wasn't entirely untrue.

He nods his head but says nothing back, which doesn't ease your mind.  He's finally done with the cards.  He starts laying them face up, one by one.  Once there are eight cards sitting face up on the table, he stops and peers at them.

"I do see some foul play; concerning what, I can't tell you."

You lean in closer and peer at the cards yourself.  How do these people do this?

He continues. "There seems to be a lot of doubt and confusion surrounding you.  The cards are telling you to trust your gut, your senses." 

You start to feel yourself being pulled in by what he's saying to you.

"Hrm."  He rubs a hand over his scruffy chin. "It's a difficult reading.  I can't make out much more than that.  Sorry, man."

"Oh.  Um, that's ok."  You make to push your chair out but before you can, he offers you ten dollars.

"I didn't give you anything worth your money, here."

You reluctantly take it back, mumble a thanks and walk away.  Two completely different people and very little information; you can't decide.  Although, the younger one seemed a lot saner than the old, possessed guy, you can't be sure which Dias would even be: a little on the crazy side?  Or a normal, down to earth kind of guy...? 

The End

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