A Different Plan

Your mind is racing, searching desperately for a way to stop Cal from killing again. 

At your modest apartment in the city, you sit in a darkened room staring at the computer screen, the sun quickly sinking in the sky outside.  You need to find out more about werewolves; a way to render one immobile, at least temporarily. 

At first, your disappointment is palpable.  The only method you've come across so far is a silver bullet.  Unfortunately, shooting Cal with silver bullets just isn't an option right now.  The ideas all seem to be ways to kill werewolves, rather than simply stop them.

Soon, however, you start finding other ways.  Just little suggestions, seemingly insignificant ideas, worth only being mentioned in a sentence or two at the end of articles.  These suggestions tell how to turn a werewolf back into a man; much more your style. 

After about twenty minutes, you gather up your information and look it over: according to some legend, the easiest way to stop a werewolf is to break the buckle on his belt. Doing so would immediately change him back.  For some reason, you didn't think you'd be so lucky as to be able to break Cal's belt buckle after he'd transformed.  The sight of the crucifix is also known to immediately transform a werewolf back into a man. Also, saying his baptismal name three times might cause him to transform. A final option would be to wound the werewolf which would cause him to return to his human form.

Formulating a ramshackle plan as quickly as you can, you pick up the phone and call Gabrielle.


"Gabby, its me."

"Edward! Did you forget something?"

"No, listen.  I've just been over at Mother's.  She's not doing very well; much worse than just days ago."

"Oh! Poor Mother, she isn't taking Father's death well at all."

"I thought that your good news might be just the thing to lift her spirits."

"Oh, Edward, you're right!  She'll be overjoyed!"

"Perhaps you should stay the weekend, Gabby.  You know she would love that.  I wish I could, but I'm working night shifts all week."

"Yes, I suppose I could.  I'll wake Cal and let him know, then get my bag packed."

"Is he sleeping?" It was a strange question for you to ask, but you couldn't believe your good luck.

"Yes, he's taking a nap.  Why do you ask?"

"Maybe you should let him sleep and call him later."  You hold your breath while you wait for her answer.

"Hmm...I suppose.  I'll talk to you later, Edward."

You both hang up the phone.  At least Gabrielle will be out of the house for the next few days, leaving you the opportunity to do whatever the hell you plan on doing.  And Cal won't be able to argue with her to stay in case he catches on to what you're up to; when he wakes up, she'll already be gone.

So, tonight I head to Nicolas Dias' house. You begin laying out the plot in your mind.  Tomorrow, if I don't have an answer, I'll go to Cal's and use some other method to contain him...hopefully.

Right now, that's the best plan you've got.

The End

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