The road to Nicolas Dias

After listening to Cal's description of Nicolas Dias and where to find him, the two of you sit in silence in the smoke-filled study, thinking. The sooner you leave, the better chance you'll have of getting some useful information out of this Dias. But what kind of information do you expect him to give you? Based on Cal's description of the man, he sounds like he devotes all his time to this sort of thing, and he must make a living with it... It seems unlikely that he would willingly tell you any secret that could help Cal, even if you approach him as a police officer and demand it of him. You just can't believe that your meeting with him will result in a cure for Cal by tomorrow night. And you certainly aren't willing to risk Gabrielle's life on it.

"Cal, what are you going to do tomorrow night, assuming that I haven't miraculously procured a solution?"

Cal lowers the cigar. A delicate stream of smoke slowly escapes his lips, as he seems to give your question a moment of deep thought. When the smoke runs out, he lifts his eyes to meet yours. His face looks heavier than you've ever seen it; He appears older.

"I just found out I'm going to be a father," he says. "I want so much to believe that everything will be back to normal tomorrow, that I can spend the evening with Gabrielle... celebrating, planning... happy, like she is. I suppose it is foolish of me to hope for that."

"I'm going to try, Cal," you add. "But I don't think one day is enough time. Perhaps if I get to know Dias personally he'll be more likely to divulge his knowledge... purposely or accidentally. But tomorrow night..."

"I understand, Edward," says Cal. "I must think of a good reason to be away from Gabrielle until the moon has passed."

"But where will you really go?" you ask, wondering how much he will tell you.

Cal's expression changes; he lifts his head higher, narrows his eyes, and stares at you with the look of scorn you're so accustomed to receiving from him.

"You'll find out soon enough."

"Cal, you can't keep doing this! You've got to control it! Lock yourself up if have to. Do something!"

"You don't understand, Edward," says Cal in a calm yet menacing tone. "And I'm not going to explain." He takes another puff of the cigar and then puts it out in the ash tray. "Just take care of your end of the bargain, and I won't have a reason to... lock myself up."

You glare at him, angry because tonight you had allowed yourself to actually pity him.

"Your secret is safe with me," you snarl, and leave without saying goodbye to Gabrielle.

- - -

In the car, by yourself, you can think much more clearly. You do intend to see Dias tonight, but you understand that you are walking on thin ice. To rush this would be a terrible mistake. You decide to pace yourself with him.

But now you have something more urgent to consider. No matter what you promised Cal, you are not going to sit back and allow him to continue murdering innocent people, and framing another innocent person for each murder. No, you must think of some way to contain him. And you'll have to think of it quickly, before he leaves town tomorrow.

The End

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