The sea fills your nostrils and some one slaps you awake

    "Awake yet Mr. Hart? Or should I say Edward Archer, city hero, detective extraordinaire ?"

I'm still woozy from whatever Burk hit me with but I know I'm at the docks. At the docks where it all goes down. Burk is trying my hands.

    "We're not going to bury you. Makes no sense not to learn from our mistakes. We're going to let the tide drown you out, I don't think Burk wants to shovel tonight."

Burk grunts buy says nothing. I'm coming around. The little operation is being done in the headlights of a car. I can only see that Burk and Cal are here. There might be more. Finally Burk pulls me up by the binding and drags me to the end of the pier.

    "They use these cranes to haul the fish in with. Tonight they are the gallows you'll hang by."

    "This is crazy Cal, you're never get away with it."

    "Listen to yourself Archer you talk like some sort of comic book cut out, this is real life, you're going to die."

Gotta think fast, stall for time, but no one knows I went to see Cal this evening, unless Gabrielle checks the phone...

    "Why because I put two and two together with and the governor?"

    "No, because you know about the other operations that I've been involved in. You're the only one left, but no one would believe a dead man now would they?"

I wish that commissioner knew, he put me back on the pay roll, I should have kept the guise up, I should have gotten the hard facts, I should have played Cal for a fool, too late.

    "I don't just have dirt on you Cal!" I call to him, he smiles

    "There is nothing you could possible tell me I don't already know."

    Burk starts to move the crane. I'm dragged along the dock and then the ground falls away from me. My wrists burn as gravity pulls down on them the start lowering me in to the sea. I wrestle with the bonds to get myself free.

    "Listen Calvin, I know where the governor is going, cut me down and I'll tell you"

The End

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