Ask about the man and his 'resources'

Your intuition tells you to find any way out of this and take it, no matter what the cost. But immediately your instinct, your basic human survival response, reminds you of the chance that your unborn nephew could be affected by this. You won't know until many months from now whether he'll be normal or... not. As painful as it is, you begin to accept that there is, in fact, only one thing you can do right now... Try to find a cure for Cal. Perhaps in the end you can still have him put away, have him punished for all the vicious, cruel murders he's committed... especially if your father was one of them. But at the moment you have no choice but to help him.

You take a deep breath and sigh. "Alright, Cal. Who is this gentleman?"

Cal lowers his voice for the first time, and steps closer to you. "His name is Nicolas Dias. He studies all kinds of lore. He claims to have exorcised demons and destroyed witches. I don't know if he knows anything about my condition, but if anyone in Louisiana does, it's Dias."

"How do you know so much about him? And why can't you contact him yourself?"

"I've been watching him for a long time now. People like him are easy to spy on without getting too close. I've watched them all... 98% of them are complete frauds, but occasionally I find one I just can't dismiss. Dias is one of them. I belive he's the most likely to be able to help me, but there's a problem. The reason he's so caught up in all this is that he absolutely despises evil. He hates evil a lot more than he loves good. He'd much rather kill me than cure me."

"I see," you offer. "So... Have you any idea how I should go about getting information from him? Besides just telling him that I suspect someone and seeing if he tells me anything about the condition..."

"You'll have to use that sharp mind of yours, Edward. But be careful not to give him too much information or get him personally involved. The last thing I need is for Nicolas Dias himself to be hunting me." You stare at each other unblinkingly for the last few seconds that you're alone.

Gabrielle enters the room beaming, somehow smiling at each of you individually yet simultaneously. "Dinner is served," she declares, and turns around. You and Cal follow her into the dining room.

The End

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