Cal drops his drink

Cal stops in the doorway abruptly as you shoot a look his way.  He fumbles his drink from shock and you realize that he is just as surprised at the news as you are.

"Cal, darling!  Oh dear, look at this mess."  Gabrielle runs towards him and begins wiping down his front with her hand.  "I hadn't meant for you to hear this way."  She looks up at him expectantly, waiting for his reaction.

"You're going to have a baby?"  He says meekly.  You can see the fear in his eyes.

"We are, Cal.  We're going to have a baby."

"That's...thats wonderful!"  He embraces her in a hug, a rare display of affection for a man of his character.

Gabrielle comes out of the hug and turns to you now, waiting for your warm congratulations. "Edward?"

"Oh Gabby, I'm so happy for you.  Things couldn't be better for both of you."

She visibly relaxed, letting a smile develop across her lips. "I'd better go check on dinner."  And with that, you and Cal are alone once more.

As soon as you are sure Gabrielle is out of earshot, you step towards Cal, giving a growl of warning. "Cal?"

"I didn't know about Gabby."

"Well, you do now."

"This changes nothing!  In fact, this makes it all the more important that my current situation end as soon as possible."  Cal is starting to panic; it disconcerts you to see him be anything other than calm and in control.

"What about that child?  Will it be...I it going to...?"

"I don't know, Edward.  I don't know everything about how this works.  We musn't think of that right now."  Cal pours another brandy and downs it in one go, without offering one to you.

After a few moments of silence, a thought occurs to you. "Hey, you've told me about your...situation, but I thought you wanted my help?  How am I supposed to help you with this?  There's nothing I can do." Your mind relaxes as you are secretly relieved that you won't be able to help him.  You won't have to go through with the deal; now that he's told you everything, you have complete power over him. 

One way or another, he will pay for killing my father, you think painfully to yourself.

Cal begins to focus now, as if mention of his plan has put him back on track. "You can help me.  There's a gentleman who you can contact.  He has certain...resources.  Only, I can't go to him myself."

The End

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