Restrain him

This is a perfect opporitunity,  I think. As my host turns his head all the way away from me, I make my move. Down we both go, With his head in the crook of my arm and the thump of six boots on the surrounding carpet. I look up from my strugling captive to see 3 really burly men pointing guns in my direction. The only hope I have now is that I can buy some time by holding this guy hostage, but that doesn't work. "Both of you, come with us or die" , says the one in red. We both slowly get to our feet, and put our hands up. As I am being frisked by one of the thugs in black I look over at my host to see if I haven't just had the life duped out of me, but he's scared stiff too.  I look back at my thug just in time to see a heavy sack rising towards my head, and then I'm out cold.

The End

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