Cal comes back into the room.

"Gabrielle, I've wanted to talk to you for some time, but you've been so busy with wedding plans."  You say guardedly, not sure how much she's ready to hear.  "Edward, what in the world is it?  I know you feel you have to be protective of me now that father is gone, but..."  You stand up suddenly, "We're not so sure father's death was a accident.  In fact, we never were.  We kept the facts quiet out of respect for his reputation."  You turn your back for a moment, trying to find the words.  Gabrielle is at  your side instantly, turning you gently but firmly with her hand.  "What are you saying?"  she says, searching your eyes. 

"I'm saying it was no hunting accident.  Father shot someone, or something that night, and whatever, or whomever it was, dragged him back to the stables at the hunting club, The Savoy, and cut him to ribbons.  We found mixtures of blood from both he and his attacker."  There was shock in her eyes.  "Why didn't you tell me this before?" she said painfully.  "Gabe," you reply,  "Cal is a member at The Savoy.  And I have reason to believe..." 

Gabrielle's politeness was gone.  "Edward, please!  You're grasping at straws!  Half of New Orleans belongs to that club!  And Cal wasn't wounded, don't you think I would have noticed something like that?  I know you don't appreciate how I feel, but I am going to marry him Edward, and nothing you can say will change that!"  You make an attempt to placate her.  "All I'm asking is that you give me some time; let me sort this out..." She cuts you off suddenly and loudly as Cal returns, "Edward, I'm pregnant."

The End

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