Keep asking him questions

This charade is getting you nowhere.  "Cal, you really expect me to fall for this?  Even if you believe it yourself, all that proves is that you're quite mad.  I happen to know that your killings have only gotten grizzly lately.  The first ones I found out about where quite cold and calculated.  Remember your old business partner?  Shot through the back at his desk? Hardly the work of an animal." 

Cal seemed to regain his composure.  He was slightly perturbed that his dirty work was being spoken of so plainly. "Don't be so crass Edward.  I was a killer long before I became a monster.  Are you going to help me or not?  I'm growing tired of asking, and I need an answer." 

Edward felt his temper rising as he prepared to berate this common criminal when the patio doors flew open.  Gabrielle breezed into the room with a straw basket full of cut flowers.  She was in a brisk springtime mood as she crossed into the room.  "Well if it's not my two favorite men sharing a brandy.  Aren't these daffodils  lovely? Mr. Penny the gardener and I cut them.  They'll make a lovely arrangement." She embraced both men in turn with equal affection.  "Don't let me interrupt.  What were you two discussing with such stern looks on your faces?"  Neither of them spoke for a moment.  Then Edward looked Cal in the eyes, and said, "We were just discussing that poor priest that was attacked several days ago." 

Gabrielle's broad smile turned down.  "Oh, that was terrible!  I just heard Gloria next door talking about it a few days ago.  When did that happen anyway?"  Cal was staring into Edward's eyes as he answered, "Exactly twenty eight days ago darling; last full moon."

The End

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