Cal tells you

Your eyes are fixed on Cal, anxious for him to tell you the secret you've been deciphering for months...

"It's quite a long story, Edward," he begins. "In time, you will learn how everything came to be this way. But for now I will only tell you what is necessary for you to know. I will tell you, because I trust that the police will not believe you if you should go to them. At least... not until you have proof. You may yet find proof, however... which is why I must make one thing very clear to you:

Turning me in and locking me up is not an adequate solution to this problem. Gabrielle loves me, and would waste away the rest of her life mourning for me if I were to be exposed. If you want her to be happy, then the only solution is to find a cure for me."

You see his point, but you are not so quick to believe that Gabrielle wouldn't get over him. You are her brother; you know her much better than he does. She is a very reasonable girl. She will not regret exposing him unless he is entirely innocent in this whole situation. You already know that he's done some extremely unforgivable things, so he'd better prove to be completely helpless to stop himself from doing them. You find it very difficult to believe that somewhere along the chain of events leading up to this, Cal didn't make a single grave mistake. 

Since it would be futile to express these doubts, you clear your throat and declare, "I understand, Cal. A friend of Gabrielle's is a friend of mine. Your secret is safe with me. Now... what do you mean, a cure for you? What is your ailment?"

Cal turns and walks towards the liquor trolley, but stops before he reaches it. He slowly starts pacing again, his hair barely shielding his eyes as they gaze at the floor. He sighs heavily and stops, his back to you, lifts his head and addresses the wall:

"It only happens when the moon is full. I lose myself... I become... a vicious, gruesome, boodthirsty... creature."

The End

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