Cal speaks to you again

"I hope I'm being clear here, Edward."

You say nothing but give a nod of assent.  The situation is becoming clearer to you by the minute.

Cal continues, "So, perhaps, if you cannot help me, and I cannot satisfy your wants, it is best we end this affiliation between us here and now; you forget what I've said, I'll forget you know anything about me and my...goings on."

For a brief moment, this idea sounds marvelous to you.  Forget everything!  But then, you remember: your sister...I cannot leave Gabrielle on her own, with only Cal to trust or turn to.

"Wait." You can barely believe what you're about to say, but you see no other way. "I'll help you.  I'll do it."

Cal seems surprised.  You try to determine if he's merely acting out a big ploy, which you are falling for miraculously.  Either way, there's nothing you can do about it now. 

"Why the change of heart, Edward?"

You let out a sigh of defeat. "Turning a blind eye will solve nothing.  If I help you, I help Gabrielle.  And this whole situation will be brought to an end.  I guess that's all that matters."

"Are you sure about this?"  Cal looks at you intently, intesely.

Is he trying to make me second guess myself?  Put doubts in my mind about my own abilities?  It's impossible to tell; everything is lost on you now.  "Don't worry about me." You reluctantly brush these thoughts aside.  "It's time you tell me everything."

The End

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