Don't accept

You mull his words over in your mind, reasoning as quickly as you can.  The two of you are still standing across the room from one another, as if ready to duel.

After a few moments consideration, you start to feel a little agitated.  And then you're feeling a little angry.  Who does this guy think he is? You think hotly to yourself. 

You make your way around to the armchair again, settling yourself in.  Cal says nothing to you but watches from his position by the trolley, waiting.

You think this through one more time, carefully weighing the pros and cons. 

"It doesn't seem like a great proposition to me, Cal."  You say casually, as though working through a business arrangement.

"Oh? Why not?"  Cal also makes himself comfortable in his armchair.

"Well, you've offered me knowledge.  But what good is it if I can't use it to put you behind bars?"  You've decided to hold nothing back now.  You see Cal raise his eyebrows slightly, but other than that, he reacts very little.  You continue. "I want to bring you down, Cal; not help you out."

"I see."

"I'm  telling you this because I know you're a half -decent guy, Cal...considering." You offer a little shrug with your last word. "You're at least respectable enough to have this discussion."

"Well, thank you, Edward."  You try to detect a hint of sarcasm in his voice but you can't be sure if its really there.

"Anyway, here's the thing.  I really do want you out of Gabrielle's life and, unfortunately, you're little bargain doesn't include that term either."

"Hmm. I see your dilemma."

"I knew you would."  You're both silent for a minute, comtemplating the situation.

"What do you prospose, then?"  Cal pulls his hands up to his chin, placing his fingertips together.

"Glad you asked; here's my proposition."  You prop yourself up in the chair and lean forward in a conspiratorial way. "I will, in fact, do what I can to get you out of the situation you've landed yourself in.  I'm willing to forego the pleasure of putting you away for life if you stop what it is your doing, completely and for good...and, you leave Gabrielle, the country and our lives, forever."  You lean back, satisfied with yourself.

Cal mulls it over.  Finally, he says, "That doesn't sound particularly fair, Edward."

"I think it's very fair: we both gain something, we both lose something.  You said yourself you wanted to get out of the biz, as much as I want you to. Only thing is, you don't get Gabrielle, and I'll have to watch as you get away.  And, might I add, I could lose my job over this.  Trust me, the guys down at the precinct won't appreciate me helping a criminal escape the law.  There, now you've got the better deal.  What do you think?"

"And how would I explain this to Gabrielle?"

"You don't.  We can set something up; make it look like an accident.  So?"

The End

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