Ask what the proposition is

"Oh?" you ask. You are quite intrigued. "I'm all ears."

Cal approaches you ever so casually and takes the empty brandy glass right out of your hands. He turns his back to you once more, and walks to the liquor trolley. While he refills your brandy, he says,

"First of all, I will never leave Gabrielle. I love her more than life itself, and she loves me equally. We are going to be married, and that's that."

He turns to you and presents you with a brandy. This time you're sure it isn't poisoned. You can tell he really does have something on his mind. You don't trust him, by far. But you are willing to hear him out. You take the brandy and raise it to your mouth. As you sip, you notice his vivid gray eyes penetrating yours. You can almost feel pain, just from looking at them. You swallow a good third of the glass, as if to prove that you don't suspect him of poisoning you.

He continues.

"I understand that you are concerned about your sister, and of course I don't blame you. But I think there's more to it than you're admitting. My age is irrelevant. I think that you have some other reason to distrust me, and that is the subject that concerns me. You see, Edward, I know that you don't have proof of anything, and I assume that's what you seek. You want to confirm your suspicions about me, whatever they are.

But I... I seek something as well. Something that Gabrielle cannot give me. But you can give it to me. I need someone to confide in. I don't want to hurt Gabrielle; I want to illiminate my problem without her ever knowing of its existence. So, Edward. Here is my proposition. I will confirm whatever suspicions you may have about me, provided that you promise to tell no one, especially Gabrielle. And... you must promise to help me in any way you can.

Do you accept?"

The End

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