Your enemy says something to you

You're still perusing through his books when he suddenly stands and approaches you from behind.  You turn around, but not too quickly, as to appear nervous; although, come to think of it, you can't remember the last time you were so on edge.

You look into his eyes but they are calm.  There is no evidence in them of anger or suspicion or blood-thirsty urges. 

"What did you say you come for, good man?" He is standing unnaturally close; his eyes do not stray from yours.

"I came to talk to Gabrielle, of course.  I told you."

"Right, right."  He seems to be thinking but he doesn't move away or make to sit back down.

You're starting to panic now.  He knows I'm on to him.  He know's I'm not really here for Gabrielle.

You decide to improvise, try to throw him off your track.  "Listen, Cal, I'm just going to come out and say it.  Things are pretty uncomfortable between us and I'll tell you why."

Cal raises his eyebrows. "Why?"  He asks quietly yet confidently.

You're in it now; there's no turning back.  "The thing is, I don't want you with my sister.  You're no good for her.  Christ, you're nearly ten years older than her.  Anyway, I came to talk to her about it; try to convince her to leave you."  You can barely believe you said it to him.  It wasn't a complete lie, anyway.  He wasn't any good for Gabrielle, although your concerns went far beyond brotherly love.

You wait for a response.  Your still standing at the bookshelf while he's made his way over to the liquor trolley again.

"Is that so?"  He doesn't sound particularly angry. "You know, Edward, I've always liked you.  You're a good man."

Your eye's widen a little. "Er, well, you too, you too.  It's just, your not the man for Gabrielle, you see."  You clear your throat, trying to stick to your guns. "You understand."

"Of course."  Cal turns now to face you, holding his refilled brandy quite casually. "Edward, I've got a proposition for you."

The End

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