Confront him outright and hope he doesn't kill you on the spot

"...of course Maximilian still holds the majority of the shares. I was speaking with the govorner the other night. He went on about how much he was paying for oranges"

That's it, oranges. The wire tap last night. It''s all so clear. He knows, you know he knows and he knows that you know he knows. Now what? You're brief case was taken at the door. You glance around out of the corner of your eyes. there is no one in sight.

You through your empty glass on the floor shattering it and he there is a moment of heavy silence. He places his glass carefully on the table between you and tilts his head.

    "That was custom crystal from France. Irreplaceable"

    "Cut the crap!" you say, but aren't sure what to do.

    "I know you've been laundering money for Governor McKeele. He's bent and your bent. This has gone on long enough."

    "I'm not quite sure I know what your are talking about."

Frankly, you're not either. You know he's behind everything, the girl in the empty suite at the Empress. The pile of letters you discovered in the dead man's car, the shadow that you saw at the docks!

    "You were at the docks! Tuesday night, with the O'Riley gang"

    "I don't understand what you're going for here Mr. Hart, there's, you're a nobody."

    "Don't you recognize me?!"

He seems to think for a moment then as I point to the scar on my right temple his eyes widen. "You! It' can't be, I saw you die! We made sure that you'd never come back up."

    "I did, the shovel gave me this scar but you were too proud too look a mook in the eyes to notice me for who I am. I know you better than your know yourself and your going down."

He smiles and says, "Well, I guess we'll just have to bury you deep this time."

What did he say?

I feel strong hands wrap around me and then i feel a prick in my neck. My body goes limp. He stand up and looks over me. Why didn't I hear them come from behind. I look back through blurry eyes, Burk, not him.

    "Let's see you get out of this one, Mr. Hart, if that is your real name? Would you like that on your tombstone?"

The End

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