Ask to see his library

"Do you mind if I admire your library while I wait for Gabrielle?"

"Be my guest. She won't be long; she's only gone for a walk around the grounds." 

You smile. "She loves her long walks... I remember as a child she would be gone for hours on end... Father thought she was doing something underhanded out there."

You look into your enemy's eyes while you say it, searching for any small reaction to your mentioning secrets. He reveals nothing. He says nothing. He sips his brandy.

No, he wouldn't be that easy...

You stand up and casually make your way to the bookshelf beside your chair. You focus your eyes on the titles, careful not to linger too long on any one in particular. You wouldn't want to give the impression that your mind is elsewhere.

If he didn't poison the brandy, he probably intended for me to think that he did. But I didn't hesitate to drink it. He couldn't have gotten any confirmation. But why does he suspect me at all? How could he have any clue that I know his secret?

This would be much easier if I felt that I could tell Gabrielle, but she would never believe me... not without proof... and if I tell her too soon, she'll refuse to hear any more of it. I must get information from her... anything, like... Where does he tell her that he's going?

A disconcerting thought occurs to you.

What if she knows? Would she hide him? Does she love him so much that she would go on letting him do this to people? Not Gabrielle, my sister... She would turn him in, if she knew, surely...

The End

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