Awkwardly grab the one in his left hand instead.

'To your good health!

He raises the glass in his left hand high; the gesture as assured as your grab was awkward.


'To your good health!'

You hold his gaze.

Just a touch of desperation - a hint of panic - flits across his otherwise dead eyes.

"To my health, indeed?"


"Why, yes, your good health"

Your eyes narrow as you hold his gaze, jaw hardening into a sardonic grin.


It's time to let him know where the power really lies in this little exchange.

"Now there's any number of cruel things I'd happily do to you my friend... but underestimate the extent of your deviousness is not by-any-means one of them"


"In-fu*king-deed... and don't you think we've perhaps used that rather hackneyed stalling-device of a phrase enough already?"

"In... er quite, yes"

"Right. So, since we have established that I'm unlikely to under-estimate you, why would I not expect you to have expected me to have anticipated your tampering with my drink; thus rendering your little bluffing charade futile?"

You move your left foot slightly in front of the right and bring your right hand level with the left - holding the drink - to chest height in front of you in a seemingly placatory manner; weight shifting slightly to the back foot.

"I - er..."

"You're confused? Likewise. But at least I have the advantage of surprise here!"

Tossing the wine into his face you follow-it-up with a snappy straight right-hand punch.

The End

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