Continue making things up about "Joe" and try to figure out if Cal understands


“You’re telling me... that he’s out there looking for me?” Slowly Cal stands, and moves so close to your chair that you would be unable to get up if you tried. He glares down at you, transitioning quite gracefully from calm to enraged.

“Edward! This is EXACTLY why I warned you not to go to him! Didn’t I tell you just to do the research on your own, and not give out hints to some crackpot friend you’ve only met twice who says he knows things about WEREWOLVES?!”

“You told me to do whatever I thought would work!” you make up. “And I did my own research, but the only answers out there all come straight from crackpots like Joe! What did you expect me to find?”

“Their answers might be right, Edward! That's why you listen to them without talking to them! What are you going to do about this guy now?”

“Cal?” Gabrielle hurries into the room, her expression confused and worried. “What’s all the yelling about?”

You remain seated, shocked, unblinking. How much did she hear? What is Cal going to say? You stare at him in silence. He doesn’t look surprised or concerned at her arrival.

“Oh it’s nothing, Gabbie. I just have some major issues with the way our brilliant local police force handles some of its idiot criminals.” Cal turns away from her to send you one more vicious look before concluding, “I’ll let Edward explain,” and leaving the room.

- - -

In the upstairs bedroom, safely away from Edward and Gabrielle's earshot, Cal looks at his elegant and inconspicuous golden watch.

"You there?"

A tiny green light flashes on the side of the watch.

Cal collapses onto the bed, then sits back up to drag his fingers through his hair. Feigning anxiety is easier this time than ever before. His body language is perfectly complemented by his voice.

"Could he possibly have made things any worse for us? I can't believe he actually talked to someone about werewolves! I was so sure he'd be too embarrassed. What an idiot! Well, at least we know he believed me, but... now there's a damn werewolf hunter on our back! So. What do you think... Is it too dangerous? Should we take care of the werewolf guy?"

Cal looks back at the watch, to see the same green light flash again.

"Edward will find out, and he'll know I did it."

Again, the green light.

Cal sighs, and lies back down on the bed.

"So that's it, then? Edward too?"


"I need time to think. I have to make it quick and painless, for Gabrielle's sake. Let me see... I guess I should frame the maniac, that way she'll at least think justice has been done."


"I still need more time, though. Let me talk to Edward alone, without him worrying about Gabrielle walking in. If I can get him to tell me exactly what he said to that guy, maybe it won't be a problem. He might not have given him any clue whatsoever about me. Just let me give Edward one last chance, tonight, after dinner."

Cal stares impatiently at the watch, waiting.

Finally, on the opposite side of the watch, a tiny red light flashes.

Cal takes a deep breath.

And another.

"Fine. Do you even care what happens at dinner?"

The red light flashes again.

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow."

Cal takes off the watch, places it in a dresser drawer, and pauses at the top of the staircase, thinking.

The End

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