Make up things about "Joe" to try to get him "killed"

"How can you not know? You spoke with him, didn't you? I mean, what exactly did he say?" Cal was becoming more agitated.

You take a mouthful of brandy and let yourself have a moment to think.

It seems to you that Cal is starting to lose perspective. His urgency is palpable and you can't believe that Radovan would really just chalk it up to acting if he were listening. You're concerned that Cal is taking such a huge risk in asking you these questions with Radovan monitoring. After all, Cal doesn't know what Nicolas has told you. For all he knows, Nicolas hasn't told you about the watch at all and, at any moment, you could spew highly sensitive information without realizing the danger.

Perhaps the watch Cal is wearing isn't the watch to begin with. Isn't it possible that Cal is just wearing a regular watch, so that he might tell the time?

You sigh in frustration. You don't know who or what to trust anymore. You aren't even sure if you can trust yourself.

"The thing is Cal, this Joe fellow seemed a little...strange to me." You start concocting a story and hope that the plan works.

"Strange? Strange, how?" Cal sits again and wipes the perspiration from his forehead.

"Well, like I said, he didn't give me any details about the cure. I think he wanted to keep me from having any information."

"That's not so strange. He's protective of his work, I suppose," Cal reasoned.

"That's not all," you continue. "He started asking me odd questions about you; things I couldn't answer. He then tried to get me to tell him where you live, the places you frequent, things like that."

"What are you getting at, Edward?"

"I think he might be looking for you...but not to cure you. I got the feeling he wants to experiment on you, Cal." You pause for effect. "He's contacted me twice since I met with him; he won't leave me alone."

You hope that Cal picks up on your plan. He must know that you don't still believe the werewolf story. You're not sure what else you can do to make him understand.

You sit across from him and look him square in the eyes, struggling to determine if he gets it. "Well? What are you going to do, Cal?"

The End

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