Proceed with the Plan

It's monday afternoon. After a stressful weekend searching for, and finally finding, Dias, you're making your way back to Cal and Gabrielle's house on the outskirts of town.

Your sleep last night was fitful, to put it mildly. Knowing that Radovan could be monitoring you once you step into Cal's house unnerves you. What if you make one slip, one impulse causing your eyes to slide for just one second to Cal's wrist? It could all be over, just like that. He would know something was going on. He would destroy you and Cal. He would kill Gabrielle.

Slip-ups just weren't an option. You grip the steering wheel tightly and take heavy breaths. You tell yourself to be in control, to be calm and keep a cool head. You're just going for a visit to see your sister; nothing more, nothing less. You arrive at the end of the long gravel driveway and throw the car into park.

Gabrielle answers the door, all smiles. "Hi, Edward. Come in." She props herself up on her toes and pecks you on the cheek. "Cal! Edward is here!" She calls into the house.

"How are you feeling?" you ask her, trying your best at small talk.

"Great! No morning sickness yet, anyway." She rubs her bumpless stomach a little for emphasis. "How are you? You look tired; are you sleeping well?"

Her question catches you a little off-guard; you hadn't thought the whole situation was affecting you so badly. "Night shifts," you state simply, shrugging.

Finally Cal walks into the room, looking tense. "Hello, Edward."

"Cal." You nod your head toward him then quickly turn back to Gabrielle. "How was your weekend with Mother, Gabby? Is she feeling better?"

Gabrielle takes a seat; you and Cal follow suit.

"She's doing as best as can be expected, I suppose. She's lonely."

Gabrielle continues to fill you in on your mother, however, you can't help but tune out to what she's saying. You can feel Cal's eyes boring into you from across the room, as if trying to extract the information from you with his eyes alone. He wants -- needs-- to know what you know, what you've managed to find out. He's making you nervous. You have to concentrate on keeping your eyes on Gabrielle.

One thing is for sure, as soon as you are confident that you and Cal can speak in earnest, you're going to give him hell for feeding you that ridiculous werewolf story for so long.

As the conversation lulls, Gabrielle stands and heads for the kitchen. "Are you staying for dinner Edward? I'll have Marguerite whip something up."

You and Cal are alone now, but you still can't bear to look over at him. Thinking that it would look quite odd to anyone watching if you did not interact with him, you finally turn towards him and look him straight in the eye. Cal is staring straight back at you, expecting answers.

The End

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