Outside the Painted Trees.

A 59 year old mother helps her daughter with her coulmn. But turns out to be more then that.

"Your blocking my ambitions." She said. That "she" is my daughter. 25. Aspiring, Young, and Fresh off the Press ("Press" meaning College). Intern for NY Times, and couldn't reach the deadlines with me hovering back and forth the scenes. Young life, they blame it on anything they can see. She couldn't seem to flounder in one article. I decided to give her some help.

"Sorry." she said sipping tea (she always liked tea, never coffee). "I'm just tryng to get this piece right." she said. "It's an article right? Shouldn't it just be facts." I said. "I run a coulmn now, mom." she said. "She told me to put "more" into it," she added "I just don't know what that "more" should be.""What's your coulmn about?" I asked. "Heroes."

I closed my eyes and let my words speak for themselves.

The End

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