Outer Banks

After our world had ended, a new world began to take shape. In this world are fears and horrors beyond imagination, but also, life thrives and fights to live inside this harsh realm.

My mother was part of the third generation born to this island. My sister and I are the fourth. This island is our home and just on the midst of the mists we are surrounded by the mysterious land known to our people as the outer banks.

Many years ago, when the world was in agony, our ancestors came here in search of solitude and safety. It was meant to be a temporary home until they were able to find more suitable land for our needs, but dangers on the outer banks kept my people on the island out of fear.

Our ancestors etched out a home on this island and they were able to grow crops, build homes, and grow animals until it became a fully sustainable land for our people to live and thrive.

My mother used to say, the world is much different from the place our great grandparents used to know.

When I was younger, my sister and I used to play in the shallows that were watched carefully by the village elders. We would find relics of the old world that tended to wash up on the shores of the island.

During one of these treasure hunts, I found a special red object with a word written in white on it. I couldn't make out the word, but one of the village elders explained to me that it was a container for a special drink the old-worlders used to enjoy; I treasure it still.

My father died when I was just young and my sister was a baby. Often times the men of the village are meant to travel to the outer banks and collect food and supplies when we are running low.

My father had made the trip many times, but my mother was always worried for him. She would always tell me the outer banks were a dangerous place to go. Creatures that I could not even imagine in my worst nightmares stalked the shorelines at times, and sometimes there were people who hunted other men, like animals.

These stories always made me shudder, but I believed my father to be the strongest man in the world, able to fight off all the beasts and all the man hunting men that the outer banks had to offer.

It seems I was wrong though, when the men came back one day my father was not among them. They said a terrible beast had attacked them and my father had sacrificed himself fighting it off while the rest of the men got away. None of the men even dared try to describe the horrific creature they had witnessed. Though, all said that my father had bravely wounded the creature before they lost sight of him while escaping to the boats.

Now it is the time of the Zenith. The Zenith is when boys are meant to become men, but first we must travel to the outer banks with an elder guide and face the horrors that lie in wait for us. All boys must make this journey into manhood, but I am scared still.

The End

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