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ok this is something i was writing awhile back.
its about the Land of Bosmeria, a land locked in the constant war of light and dark and the monsters that inhabit both

My uncle used to tell me stories years ago, stories of the past and the sins our race committed, how we took the land we live on from its rightful owners. 
In these stories there was never a happy ending, no miraculously appearing hero that came and saved the day like in the books we read to children to lull them to sleep at night.
No in these stories there was only pain and suffering and its from these stories that my own begins.

Hundreds of years ago the land of Bosmeria on which we live was inhabited by a race of Fae beings known as Mara, a name we gave them that roughly translated to demon. they were a peaceful yet powerful race using the magic bestowed to them by their gods to nurture the land and help them live peaceful yet secluded lives.

They never used their magic for violence and always saw the goodness in all things. Though this was an admiral trait, it was also unfortunately their downfall and inevitably, the start of ours.

Humans came to Bosmeria from lands beyond the sea's in search of a new home to call their own and the Mara welcomed them with open arms, helping them build villages and cities, showing them how to nurture the land and grow crops to live off of and even teaching them to tame and use the local wildlife so that they always had resources to call on in any situation.

The humans loved the Mara and came to worship them even though they lived alongside them, but as humans we all suffer one fatal flaw! and that flaw is greed. there were humans who were jealous of the Mara and the magic they wielded and wanted to make it their own.

And slowly but surely, that jealousy turned to anger, that anger to hate. until finally these few men and women with greed in their hearts started to preach that the Mara were evil things not of this world and blamed them for all te misfortune that had ever visited mankind.

Who knows maybe they were right! But no one deserved the punishment that was enacted upon the Mara.

Slowly more people rallied behind the few who angered and hated and soon they were made leaders and kings who built armies to send forth against the Mara. The Mara being a peace loving race and seeing the inevitable outcome of such a struggle tried to find a peaceful solution that did not involve violence and went to speak with these kings and leaders, they were heard out in private but could not give the humans the thing they desired most, they could not give them Magic.

for in a Mara it is born and in a Mara it stays until the time they die whereupon it is returned to the land and the gods it came from.

The human kings were outraged by what they thought was a lie and sentenced the messengers to death for whatever crimes could be thought of that the masses would believe. Within days they sent their armies forth to slaughter and kill the Mara. The Mara knowing nothing of such violence ran for their lives only to be stabbed in the backs. Thousands died by the hands of the human armies and the massacre raged for years. 

But no future is without hope. 

Some Mara managed to escape into the Asura Mountains in the north and the Bosmeria Forests to the west, Both were places of vast magic and it was this magic that protected the Mara, for no being of mortal blood could ever enter into such places of power. But still not all made it unscathed.

But not all was as it seemed.

hundreds of years later, No one knew how or by what means but those Mara that were killed returned in monstrous forms wielding deadly and vicious magic that could render armour and bone alike.

Gone were their peace loving qualities, Gone were their cares for the land, they were monsters in the truest sense of the word.

They became Shades! 

These monsters had given up their humanity completely in favour of power they knew nothing of or the consequences. They still possessed their intelligence from their previous life but all love and goodness had been stripped from their bodies to leave an angry and hateful husk of devious intelligence and powerful magics. They could assume the form of whoever they killed and used this to break into human camps, settlements and cities and slaughter all who resided within.

All possessed this power but aside from that, each Shade was different in their abilities and how they used them. Some could cast illusions so realistic that all five senses of the human caught in the magic were fooled completely, others possessed the ability to fly great distances, some commanded great strength able to crush rock with barely any force at all or run at incredible speeds, but the most dangerous of all were the Shapers, Seen as leaders amongst the monsters they could wield all of these magics and more, even able to alter the lay of the land they resided on.

These Shades struck back at the humans without warning, they ambushed people and tortured them for days, brought down entire settlements in mere hours and never… Never left anyone alive. 
The humans never knew what had happened until it was too late, Armies could not be marshaled quickly enough for counterattacks before the descending horde of twisted monsters wiped them out. 

Some humans, sickened by what their fellow man had done in the past to incite such evil and seeing no other option set forth to find the remaining Mara to plead for their help, they were turned away. for almost a year these few humans pleaded and begged to at least be heard out.

Eventually the Mara saw no harm in listening to the words of those few humans and met with them, allowing the humans to enter into the Bosmerian Forests and Asura Mountains strongholds to meet with their Fateweavers, the Mara equivalent to a human king.

These few humans of kind hearts and open minds spoke for hours on end, begging for help and reasoning that after the Shades had finished with the humans they would turn on the Mara for never coming to their aid. they were laughed at in most instances or their words were ignored. but one Mara Listened and saw the wisdom of the human words.

Fateweaver Feleran Endurin, the Fateweaver that ruled over all other Mara, believed the words and had grown tired of the needless bloodshed.

he made the humans a proposition. Seeing as the Mara had no knowledge of fighting and the humans had no knowledge of magic, they found a solution.

A pact that would seal their alliance in mind and body

The End

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