The VoicesMature

The voices spoke to me.

"Better... all better...."


"Don't touch it... they know if you touch it...."

"Studies show that people prefer to cross the street rather than--professionals often enjoy calculating the rates of--professionals often enjoy calculating the rates of--"

"Look away!"

"You bastard... you're a filthy, mud-crawling bastard...."

"So stupid...."

I walked down the sidewalk, listening to the voices clamor in my ears. I loved them. I couldn't imagine life without them, and I didn't want to. They were my friends. Ringing in my ears, they told me things.

A new voice joined. Deep, heavy exhaling every now and again.




I loved it. They lost me my friends, when I made any, but they were my friends.

Cackling laughter now.


I didn't know why I heard the voices and no-one else did, but I didn't care. People said I was mentally unstable... I should be in a mental hospital... I should be in therapy.... I didn't listen to them. The voices said I was normal. Sometimes they were nasty... sometimes they were nice... sometimes they just talked.

"I love you...." A high, light voice.

"I hate you...." The same voice as before.

The voices varied. Sometimes old voices completely disappeared, but they always came back. Sometimes new voices came, and they stayed.

I loved it so much.

The End

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