Out of the fire

poem again

Out the Fire~

The face of the planet burrowed beneath

I’ve had enough

My thoughts will not keep

The walls around me close in

I cannot sleep

Or suffer from a strobe light dream

Of flashes of him

The pain in my chest as I see his smile

With aching eyes

The time grows weary

I’m just about to surrender myself

I want no more than a stealthy veil

When was my vision darkened so?

And I created all my pain

It has to give now

I struggle to sanity

Parading round my head

Picture shows

Too long a rest

Throw me back out into the cold

I need it somehow

Break me, make me stronger

I must push along

Not going forward

Somehow dazed and dizzy

Lost with no directions

Around is inside and a dying smile

Uncertain glimpse and nothing fits

Should be ashamed

Tarnished, maimed

I’ll do it alone

I shouldn’t be here

Shouldn’t stay home

Frozen fingers

Mistaken burning

Out the fire,

Out the mirage

Made it worse

Thought I’d help

Out the flame that wasn’t there

Extinguish instead the life inside

The frost stolen petal falls to my feet.

Look at what I’ve done

Everything behind me is all I can see

All for which I long

Long way home

Long way back

Out the flame

                         Out the living


The End

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