Out Of Reach

Little something

The darkness erupted around us.

The darkess would growl, the hum of it would attack my legs, leaving me unsteady.

She smiled at me, her perfect, pink lips curving upwards, her pale skin begging to be touched.

I ran towards her, the beauty, that of immortality. Her glistening, sea-blue eyes studied me as she stepped deeper into the darkness. I stumbled blindly after her, craving her very presence.

Her white hair was occasionaly brushing my cheek, the smell that slowly climbed up my nostils burned into my memory. The smell of exotic fruits and flowers.

I quickly brushed my fingertips through the silkiness of her hair. and sighed contently.

Her long, flowing white dress hugged her small frame. She looked frail. Breakable. Perfect.

I was under her spell. I was hers. To do with what she wished. Even though the darkness intimidated me, howled at me, attacked me, she was worth it. Every blow, every painful jolt, was for her.

She reached, what seemed the end of the darkness, turned to me and softly whispered,

"It is time."

Her voice took over all my thoughts. Her voice erased all feeling in me. I'd do anything she wished. Anything. I wiped my bloody face and smiled painfully at her.

She fell backwards. Plunging into the depths of the darkness. I screamed, yelled, cried.

Once I heard the thud of her small, frail body I knew she was gone. I stood at the edge of the darkness and dared to look down.

A vacumm. That was it. The source of the howls, the source of the pain. I gulped and balled my hands into tight fists. I took a slow, deep breath then let myself fall into the painful end.

I thrust my fists blindly into the never ending darkness. I tried to seace the never ending howls. The never ending screams. The never ending pain.

The darkness won. My skin torn and bloody. My ears deaf and useless. I bit what was left of my lip and awaited my bone cruching end.

The End

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