I walked down the corridor, taking notes and drawing up a rough map of the place. There were many rooms and chamber in this place, all looked extraordinary. There was one room that stunned me into silence. It was a small dusty room that appeared to be a bedroom once. I came in, careful not the touch anything and walked over to the mantel, where there a couple of picture frames stood. They all feature three grinning girls, six or seven years old. Underneath are these words,‘Esinica, Amethyst and Amanda.’

Amanda. Would it be Amanda Maranict? Were they friends? What happened to result this ending? Endless number of questions raced through my mind.

The train of thoughts was interrupted as I heard silent footsteps coming toward me. A small head poke through the door and a small, skinny girl stared at me. Then she turned around and ran.

A few minutes later I heard footsteps. Not the silent and shy ones of the little girl but angry and determined footsteps. I turned around quickly, and instantly gave away my location by accidentally knocking a stained glass bottle of the narrow mantel. I tried to grab a couple of picture frames but end up with only one and a golden weird-looking remote-control object. I sneaked out of the room and began to run, not caring about the amount of noise I made. Then I realized I was trapped. I tried desperately to open the only door in that corridor but it had a password. In my panic I tapped in a random combination. Amazing luck has adorned me. The door swung open.

It was the room that I had been looking for all this time - the lab. I immediately spotted the machine that I’d wanted so much to activate. It was in the middle of the room.


I stepped onto the platform. The glass overhead was looming over me. I knew it was silly not to test the machine out first but I have no time left. I have to take a risk. With a shaky hand I pressed the little gold button.

So this was what it’s like to travel through time. Here and there I caught glimpses of events in the pass. Time was like a train, taking me for a journey to the unknown. Finally it’s my stop.

I blinked my eyes and looked around. This seemed like Amanda’s lab. There she was, staring transfix at me and holding an ink-soaked quill. Then she slowly turned around. I followed her gaze and saw a sick sight. There I was, looking at myself lying pathetically on a block. Then I noticed something. Behind my block was another. The girl on the block had blood red eyes and a bit of her arm was sewed up badly, revealing a computer chip. Then I noticed thatAmandawas staring at me again. She mustn’t have noticed the red eyes or the chip. I turned, decided to warn her about the dangerous looking person.

‘Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’, shrieked Amanda.

I realized I was too late. I turned around just in time to see the girl aiming a harpoon gun atAmanda. I have to do something. But what?

I rummaged my coat pocket wildly. My hand came out with the weird golden remote-control looking thing fitted perfectly in my palm. My whole body relaxed. A calm, soothing voice could be heard inside my head. It was instructing me.

We traveled back.

The End

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