The Great One

As we were flown over the oversized city, I imagined which great palace would suit the needs of the Great One. Then we descended, with some difficulty as the gravity was not as strong, in the glass platform over a sinister looking metal building. I would never have thought that the one ruler of the Earth would live in such a simple place for all her powers. When I stepped out from the Glassket, a small and see-through version of the flying saucer, I saw an incredible scene. The house slowly detached itself from the ground, turned intro small dust-like particles and reformed itself around us so that we were inside the living room. I slowly turned around, taking in the view.

This was not an ordinary room. There was not a speck of dust on the floor and everywhere I looked was covered in buttons. Small red buttons, big green buttons, heart-shaped stripy buttons could be seen on the wall, on the armrests of the sofas and virtually everywhere else.

Footsteps could be heard and the door flung open. Two people stepped in. One is a big, surly-looking woman with coarse black hair and the other one is tall, slim and business-looking with her chestnut hair in a bun. Amethyst spoke:

‘Long time no see, dear sister. I trust it that we will catch up on things later? Because I have a guest here with me - you’ll never guess what she did. Anyway, Esinica, this is …?’

Amethyst looked at me expectantly, so I hastily replied, ‘Calista.’

‘Ah, Calista,’ Amethyst continued, ‘this is my sister Esinica, the Great One and the inventor of the time machine.’

As the words reached my ears, Amethyst pointed her hand towards the tall brunette.

I could not believe my ears or my eyes. It was not something I’d expected out of this friendly-looking person. Esinica. Could this person be the same one that had so cruelly ended Amanda’s life?

But I tried my best to hide my astonishment and replied politely, ‘Please to meet you, your highness.’

‘No, no. Not your highness, just Esinica.’

As Amethyst recalled the meeting with me to Esinica, I sat there, trying to digest the information I’ve got. I finally came up with a plan. Tonight, or possibly tomorrow, I would try and sneak down to the lab and activate de Cour’s time machine. Then I could travel back to the day when Amanda was murdered and try to rescue her. If I succeed, I would have one more comrade than I do now and we could team up against this de Cour. With two brains we’d sure to find the reversed version of the Metzger radioactive ray. But first I need to discover all the different entrances and exits of this building and also where the lab is. There is no way Esinica would answer me if I ask her these questions. So I excused myself, saying that I need to go to the toilet.

The End

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