Letters and Humans

I tried to open the door without making it creaks, but the hinges were too rusty. There was no need anyway. The whole house was abandoned. I notice it was hard to breathe here, so I went back to the lab to see if there was any extra oxygen supply. As I took the few remaining oxygen tubes, I came across a small leather bound book. I took it out, carefully placed it on the table and opened it. There was only one filled page, written in shaky handwriting. I quickly read it.

“Friday, 13th November 2225

I was so stupid. For what I did I fully deserved this destiny. Now that I think about it, it was a lot like what I did to poor Calista.

Esinica de Cour had a great interest in my invention. Who wouldn’t when they themselves invented a time machine? Combined the two and you’ll get a museum full of petrified creatures.

And, like Calista, I refused to hand it over. She got so crazy and tried to hurt, or might I say, kill me. I went into hiding in this old lab, carrying with me the frozen Calista.

Now I knew how Calista have felt. I would have free her but to inactivate the Maranict gas it would take me at least a month, now that time is stretched.

I got a message from a golden bird this morning. It contains only 10 words. ‘Kill today. Expect it when you least expected.’

I’ve decided that I should leave the oxygen on. After all Calista would wake up when I’m no longer here.

Calista, if you are reading this, please forgiv…”

The rest was stained in ink, but I knew what she was trying to say.Please forgive me. But the memory was too cruel to erase from my mind completely. I will try my best to forgive you, Amanda. 


So it was only a month since the day Amanda died. Something happened that I didn’t thought of before. Time was stretched. As the Earth was less in gravity, it would drift away from the Sun and most likely to fall out of its usual orbit.

As I stepped out of the house, I noticed something that I’d passed without realizing it was different. The houses, furniture and doors were much bigger. I started using Amanda’s diary as a notebook. After all, if I could take note on every detail it would help me on reversing my radioactive ray.

Then I met the first person in years (I think). She had blonde hair and was impossibly tall. Oh right. With lesser gravity force the spine of a human wasn’t pulled down towards the Earth as hard so the person was much taller.

I came up and hesitantly asked for her name. After all if I am going to live in this world I should at least have a friend. I opened my mouth and spoke the words ‘What’s your name?’ but nothing came out. Had I lost the ability to speak? Then I heard something. Startled, I turned around. But the words that greeted me were that of my own voice. ‘What’s your name?’ it said. Then I heard something else. It was the reply to my question.

‘You may call me Amethyst.’

Amethyst - strange name. But she looked nice enough. So we started talking. She told me of her occupation and how she was related to the Great One, the ruler of the Earth. This bit of information got me thinking. The Great One, the ruler of the Earth? Would that be who I thought it would be? So, instead of telling her my name, I asked her to introduce me to the Great One. Amethyst laughed and said:

‘You are a bold one. No one in this world would ever have dared to ask to be introduced to the Great One, though she would’ve liked you for your boldness. Let’s go.’


The End

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