Out of Orbit

My eyes snapped open. I'm surrounded in glass. Who am I? What's going on? Why am I here? Something caught my eyes - a silver machine. Suddenly all the memories rushed back.


My name is Calista Metzger, creator of the Metzger radioactive ray. My creation was used for reducing the weight of an object, therefore making it easier to remove from the ground. I became rich very quickly, producing a lot of money due to the fact that many people buy my product to move their portable houses, which were very popular at that time.

Then one night, looking at the stars, I realized what it could do. I regretted ever created it and tried to destroy it but I was too late. Someone else had succeeded in getting there before me. Amanda Maranict - my arch enemy.

She'd put me under her own creation, the horrid Maranict gas. Its property was to freeze all the cells in a living creature, erase most of its memories and preserve the body.

I was covered in total darkness the second the machine was turned on - until then.

With my memories back, I turned my attention on the room. It had the appearance of a long-abandoned lab. All the mechanical equipments were rusty. A few withered plants stood on the bench. A part of sky could be seen through the window high on the wall.

Then I realized I was tied to the glass case. After much struggling, I finally got out. As I jumped, a thought struck me. It was never easy for me to jump down a two meters block, but now I landed without so much as a thud. Then it dawned on me. Maranict had used my creation like I thought she would. She’d used the Metzger radioactive ray to reduce the gravitational force of the Earth.

The End

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