Out of Ideas. Again

This is something I wrote in my book while revising for English exams. I was bored really and pointing out things I should remember not to do.

"What's that?" asked Mickey.

"Dunno. Let's just get our ball and go," said Josh.

"Hold on. There's a sign. It says 'Parrellel diamension adn test grading machine'," read Mickey.

"So this machine takes you to a parrellel diamension, and grades tests," said Josh slowly.

  Mickey sighed, and they looked at each other. Josh shook his head.

"This is going to be a story where we go to a parrellel diamension, see ourselves, mess things up, wish we want to go home and end up doing just that, is it?" asked Josh.

  Mickey sighed again. "It's just another one of those stories authors think up because they've seriously run out of ideas. How sad," said Mickey. "This story would look better with drawings. Hint, hint."

  Too bad I can't draw. Not a bit. Nothing. Zip. Just stop asking.

"Pay someone to do it for you then," said Josh.

  I'm not wasting my money on that. This story can make do without drawing.

"No it can't," said Mickey.

  Yes it can.

"No it can't."

  Yes it can.

"No." Yes. "No." Yes. "No." Yes. "No it can-"

  Just shut up, or you'll have no lines for the rest of the story. Now where was I? Ah, yes. The Parrallel Diamension and test grading machine.

  Josh and Micky look at each other. Again.

"Football?" asked Josh.

"You read my mind. Let's go," repiled Mickey.

  They walked off, leaving the Parrallel diamension and test grading machine by itself.

  ... That wasn't meant to happen. They were meant to touch the machine, go to a parrallel diamension, meet their otherselves, mess things up, wis hto go home, do just that, and then, wake up and find it was all a dream. See, it wasn't like how they predicted. It was all a dream.

"That's even sadder than what we predicted. Didn't the teacher you weren't allowed to end it lke that anywy," said Josh.

"Look, you're in set one adn you can't even spell!" shouted Mickey. "You'll never pas exams if you cn't spell!" shouted Josh. "See!"

  Why're you two back here? I thought you'd gone to play football. Did you come back to do the parrallel diamension thing?

"Hey. Don't get too excited. Besides, you're the one writing this story, you get to decide what's happening next," explained Mickey.

"The author is slightly insane, isn't she?" whispered Josh.

"Yeah," Mickey whispered back.

  Hey! You do know I know what you're saying, don't you?

"Well, stop writing it, and we stop saying it," Josh said.

"Duh, you idiot," agreed Mickey.

  Now I'm angry. If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all.

"Jeez, now you sound like my mother," complained Josh.

  I haven't even invented your mother. Honestly. Now then, now I know what to do, it can create this story my way. This time you will go to a parrallel diamension, and do things the way I want. Now, where shall I start?

"First, you say 'now' to often. Second, no can do," said Mickey.

  Why not?

"This is the last line. That's all for today folks! Hope you enjoyed the story!" shouted Josh. Argh!

The End

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