Tracing the contour of her temple, she continued down the right side of her ashen cheek, grimacing as her finger touched the discomfort of a vertical laceration that ran down her jaw to meld with the profile of her chin.

Dominique paused, feeling the apprehensive weight of the prior day, shuddering at the breakneck collision that  took approximately three pints of her blood as she lay unconscious in her derelict car, dripping away life into the suede of the Lamborghini floor mat.

"Hey, babe."

She turned, burrowing her head into the waiting chest of the fretful young man at her side, clutching at his wrinkled shirt that carried the whiff and worry of a long night at her side.

"Oh, Nat. I'm scarred. For life.

Nathaniel Parsons cradled her head for a long moment, an attempt to help lift the distress that plagued his fiancee so, whispering their tune, breathing tender devotion into her ears. Hero, by Enrique Iglesias.

A tear twisted free of her eyelashes as she blinked, fading away into his trousers. I can be your hero, baby.

He tucked an auburn lock away into the back of her ear. I can take the pain away.

A sad smile broke out from reluctant lips, a first since what seemed an lifetime to Nat.

"You were supposed to be out till tonight, love. No matter what you think, in reality, you're the strongest gal ever. And if that isn't enough, I'm always here. Swear."

This time the smile bore some genuine elation as she took his smallest finger in hers, bringing the coupled fingers to her lips, sealing the commitment with a kiss.

Always, he mouthed, locking his gaze into her misty-eyed visage.

The sensation of security and warmth restored, she fell back into the silken down of the duvet, falling asleep as Nat caught her with both hands, laying her tired body gently on the bed.

He caressed  the smoothness of her arm, resting his lips on her forehead.

The End

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