Out of Control

What happens when your high flying corporate career hit bottom and life flips out on you, leaving you with naught?

The key pivoted in the chink with the metallic resonance of ignition, and the engine roared to life, breathing pure power into the air. As Dominique pulled out of the driveway, one hand on the wheel, the other donning a pair of sleek aviators, she couldn't help but notice the azure of the cloudless sky, almost sparkling in its flawless blue.

On the road, the usual offering of gawks and the occasional turned head as she cruised the streets was no different from any other day. For the casual pedestrian, a Lamborghini was no everyday sight, and definitely not the Murciélago LP 670-4 SV, the fastest Lambo ever built, capable of reaching 300 kilometers per hour with ease. Her porcelain complexion and chiseled features didn't lend any help in turning the eyes of male drivers back to the road either. Nor the did it help close the gaping mouth of every other person crossing when she stopped at a red light.

The lustrous bodywork of the exotic car could be mistaken for a elegant space automaton, its streamlined silhouette seemed almost capable of take off into the horizon.

Cornering into the highway, she floored the acceleration, instantly transforming her prowling beast of a automobile into a projectile hurtling to 100 km/h in three seconds. Her lips curled into a smile as the needle approached two-zero-zero on her dashboard, the sheer velocity pushing her body into the soft leather seat. Leveling off her speed at two hundred and fifty kilometers per hour, the car was a streak of red as she maintained steering with a hand on the wheel.

Flicking open her cellphone with a manicured fingernail, she dialed her office. The Director of Marketing shouldn't be needed so early, but there were calls to return.

Her secretary answered. "Judy, bring me up to speed. Mr Thompson has anything to amend in the Lefebvre project?"

"Miss Vogel, no word on that. However-"

Dominique Vogel barely registered the impact of her car against the black sedan that drifted into her path, driver asleep at the wheel. At excesses of fifty meters per second, the Lamborghini buried most of it's front left bumper into the rear of the lead car, transferring the violence of the collision into a savage whiplash that sheared her neck, sending reverberations down her vertebral column. Time slowed to a gradual pace but even in that shock induced downtempo, there was no bodily instinct that could brace against such rapid impact. The inertia of the crash continued to slew the exotic car in a spinout towards the guardrail, snapping the side mirror off before flipping her car a full 360 degrees. Catching sight of the cloudless sky in her trauma-sedated sensation of time, she was dimly aware of the scattering of white amidst the cerulean - clouds forming.

As the car danced in a deadly spinning roll, the last thing she experienced was the steering wheel rushing up to meet her face -

The End

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