I look out across the city as I keep my perch on the town hall clock. My blue eyes flicked to notice every wisp of wind that caused a disturbance in the air. I also tasted things on the wind. Pollution, darkness and death. I sighed closing my eyes. I did not like this world very much. In fact I spent a lot of my time up here and never saw anything inspiring.

There were love couples here and there but non of them were any different from the last. One day they would break up, cry for a few days and then move on. A repeating cycle. Some settled down but that turned into more friends living together rather than people in love.

Love wasn't worth time. Thinking that cause images to form on the back of my eyelids so quickly I opened my eyes. My breathing had gone hard just from one image of her face. I couldn't think about her. I could never think about her.

Frustrated I stood up and took off into the air. I always thought best when I was flying. I looked down at the city. The busy roads of the early morning rush. I span and started flying  facing up to look at the sky. It was a cloudy day and the sun warmed my skin. I wanted to enjoy it but my peace was disturbed by loud horns.

I stopped hovering in that one spot as I peered down. There was a boy rushing along the street that caught my attention. Death clung to his skin heavily. I started slowly following also making a slow descent. This guy was rushing along tapping furiously at his phone while biting on a bit of toast. 

All of this made him completely unaware to the angry driver in the SUV that suddenly swerved round the que and zoomed down the wrong side of the road. The boy stepped onto the road and slam. He went flying through the air and hit the ground tumbling across it. Everyone froze in what they were doing just watching as the boy tumbled to a stop.

Then everything went off. A women screamed and the man driving the SUV stumbled out horror over his face. Casually I walked over and knelt down next to the boy while people cried and started calling an ambulance.

The boy was barely breathing but his eyes moved up to me then my wings. "You're.."

"Shh, it will all be over soon" I said. "I'm here to help you pass"

"No" he croaked his eyes lighting up with fear. I heard sirens and looked up just in time to see a girl at the end of the street. Not just any girl though but Her but it couldn't be. I had been forced to collect her soul all those years ago.

Distracted I didn't see the boy sit up and soon enough his sudden movement of him sitting up caused our heads to bang together.I tumbled back and rubbed my forehead as I now stared at the boy. Death had left him but that wasn't possible.... Was it?

The End

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