Out Loud

Out Loud is about a girl named Laura who takes a vow of silence for children who do not have a say, she gets made fun of and picked on but she needs to stay strong.

This year, I am silent for children who do not have a say. I used to think that this was a perfect world. That everyone had freedom and independence. That everyone could love and dream. Lies. There are people who don't have a say. This year, I am silent. When I first found out about this organization, I was stunned. People will spend a whole year of their life speechless. What I realized, was that there are some people who live their lives speechless. I took the flyer and showed it to my parents. The thought it was a wonderful cause, and supported my wishes. My teacher congratulated me on taking a stand for human rights. She also advised that I write all my thoughts this year in a journal. My name is Laura. I'm 10 years old. And I, am silent.


The End

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