Sinon's Story

With a nasty grin, the horse towered over the walls of Troy, looking in menacingly.  A small boy walked up to the giant and touched one of its solid wheels. His head lifted slowly to look up at the horse and in no time the boy was on the ground. Dazed and dizzied at the enormous height of the statue.

Suddenly a foreign voice spoke out over all others. “I’m sure you will find I can answer all questions if you free me from this horrid arrangement.” Heads turned to find the voice coming from a head sticking out of the sand directly in front of the horse, a small white wooden cross sticking out from behind his head. His hair was all messed up, his skin dark from the sun and his face hollow and gaunt. “Friends, have faith in me. For I was left here to die a sacrifice to the gods. I watched them build this creature as they ridiculed and laughed at me. I hate them as much as you.” His nose, once small and button-like, grew slightly.

No one stepped forward. The Trojans were discussing amongst themselves whether it was safe to approach him or not.

“Ok, fine. I shall explain and then I only hope you will free me.”

The head began to speak again. “”My brothers knew they had no chance of defeating you. They had long wanted to leave but the winds had not been in their favour.” His nose grew a little more. “They were to sacrifice me to Athena for the winds to change. However they changed before the sacrifice so they built this and left immediately.” His nose continued to grow with every word spoken. “The horse is a gift to Athena so my family and friends can have a safe journey home.” The young boy, still sitting in front of the horse looking up at its beauty, stood up and walked to the front of the horse to where a gold plate was sparkling in the sunshine. He traced it with his fingers, “To Athena” it read.

Laocoon quickly moved the boy away from the Greek and the horse. “He is Greek! We cannot trust him.” He threw a spear at the belly of the horse, piercing it. “Or their unsightly gifts!”  Just then an ugly looking sea serpent rose from the depths of the ocean, its slimy blue and green body twisted and turned as it grabbed Laocoon kicking and screaming in its jaw and swallowed him whole before returning to the sea.

Mouths dropped.

The Greek head shook in disappointment, his great big nose swaying from side to side. “I suggest you do as I say if you don’t want to disappoint and offend the gods as he did.” Quickly three men ran to his side and started to dig him out as he continued to speak. “The horse is so large because if taken inside your walls it will bring victory and luck to the Trojans. The Greeks don’t think you will be able to move it inside.” His nose grew even more, and a cunning smirk stretched over his face as he stepped slowly out of his hole. His clothes ripped and blood covered.

King Priam stepped forward. “They think that do they? We will see about that.” He turned to face his men. “Tear away the walls! We will get this horse into our gates yet!” Turning to face the tattered Greek he said, “And your name?”

“My name, great King, is Sinon.” He replied with a bow, and his nose shrank a little.

The End

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