The Big Wooden Horsey

But there was a problem!


 The walls around Troy were very very strong and could not be broken down!


 “OH NO!” cried the Greeks “How will we ever get inside?!”


 Suddenly the pretty goddess Athene gave the Greek leader Odysseus an idea!


“By jove I’ve got it!


 We could build a really big horsey out of wood, and give it to the Trojans! But we must make it hollow so we can hide inside it, and jump out when we are inside Troy.


The Greek party cheered “WHOOPIE!” pleased with the cleverness of their leader, and set about making their horse.


After many hours at work, the horse was finally completed. After it was finished about 30 Greeks hid inside the enormous horse, while the others knocked on the Trojans gates then quickly sailed a small distance away.


Early the next morning, the Trojans awoke to find nothing left of the Greek encampment, except for burnt out fires and a large wooden horse dedicated as a gift to Athene.


The Trojans could not believe it! The war was over! The Trojans whooped with happiness. “HOORAY!” They cheered “IT IS FINALLY OVER!”


The Trojans then started bickering over what they should do with the gift.


“We should drag it inside!” said one group. “A gift to Athene should not be ignored!”


Others said “NO! It is a trick! It should be destroyed!”


One particularly angry man even threw a spear at the horse.

“The Greeks should not be trusted! This is a trick!” He yelled.

The End

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