The Wrath of Achilleseth (Part two)

To see her son so woed and upset, angered Thetiseth, and so she set about to avenge her sons grievences. She asked a favour of Zeuseth

"Oh mighty and powerful Zeuseth! Won't thou repay the favour you owe me?"

Zeuseth replied "What is it you ask for Thetiseth?"

"I ask of you, but one thing, to avenge the injustice brought upon my son."

"It shall be done."

And with that Zeuseth put spirit into thou Trojans and fear into thou Greeks until Greeks ships were burning on the seas.

Agamemnoneth went grovelling back to Achilleseth's feet. "Oh please! Won't thou stop this suffering? We art very sorry and thou knows that we value you."

In reply Achilleseth pionted his nose skywards and said: "Pah! Thou never respects I, the great Achilles, I art heading for our homeland."

Meanwhile Achilleseth's dearest comrade Patrocluseth heard word of his crusade and donned his friends armour, and headed into battle.

In this battle he sparrs with the mighty Hectoreth of Troy, and is killed.

When Achilleseth hears of his dear friends death he shouts "Woe is the day Hectoreth killed my friend! I shall avenge you Patrocluseth as long as I still have a breath in my body!"

Achilleseth sets off to kill Hectoreth and in his rage he fills a river with Trojan copses. With new armour made by Hephaestuseth, Hector was tricked into thinking it was his brother charging towards him, only to realise too late.

He tried to run. He tried to fight. But he was no match for Achilleseth's rage.

After Hectoreth was killed, Achilleseth tied the body to his chariot and rode around the walls of Troy. Not once. Not twice. But Thrice. Yes, thrice Achilleseth dragged the body around the walls.

After eleven sun up's King Priameth begged for his son's body and it was finally returned to Troy.

The End

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