The wrath of Achilles

achilles checked his weapons, they still gleamed of shining bronzium just they way they should, achilles smiled re-sheathed his sword and inspected his armour.

his armour worked well, it was knocked and cut and even had a few minor stab marks in places but it did its jod and not a single one of the potentualy fatal blows had passed throught the 2cm thick plastoid composit armour plated with a rare crystalised hepityteum iron mined from the depths of myceane 7, all of this pleased him and he alowed himself to let a small grin pass across his otherwise stern and unmercyfull face. the first stike was always with the eyes, so he'd let all the blood and gore from his victoms harden and dry on the pannals of his armour, very satisfying,

"achilles," the voice was fimilear, it was odyessus "achilles, the empora agamemnon wishes to speak with you at his comand center,"

achilles sighed "more boring war moral speechs aye?" joked achilles

"not this time achilles," replied odyessus and he turned and strode out.

achilles became tense, he hadn't done anything to offend agamemnon and he allways fought well but there was something in odyessus's tone that made him, no not afraid he never feared any man, but uneasy but there was no time for such emotions, and anyway if the empora had sumoned him it was because he needed him so achilles donned a fresh tunic and headed towards agamemnons tent.

when he stept outside he was imediatly assailed by diomedes

"aye achilles where are you going? come enjoy a meal with me,"

"sorry diomedes my friend but i'm wanted by the council and by the empora himself," achilles said apologeticly

"no problem my friend you know where to find me," smilling he turned and walked over to where the meals were being served

"achilles!" roared agamemnon in the usual greeting of pomposs over worked false supremisy "achilles, if you didn't know my own prize of war has been reclaimed,"

"you lost your little treat?"

"no! and don't so crude before the council, no i was.....pursuaded to giver her back to her father, a preist for apollo he was, it seemed that he called apone a plauge to destroy us if we didn't hand her over,"

"i see," said achilles "but what has this got to do with me?"

"ah good question, you see now i'm taking your slave to replace mine," laughted agamemnon

"what?....." replied achilles flatly

"i said, and listen this time, i said i'm taking your slave!" agamemnon clicked his fingers and with in a holocage floated Barieses

" but there is hundreds of captives to choose from why mine?!" roared achilles red faced and inraged

"because i can," said agamemnon calmly "and i will,"

"you'll regret this i swear it," and at that achilles stormed out of the comand center and went back to his tent,

"how dare he!" paced achilles "i'll show the him, i'll show him! i refuse to fight damit and i'm leaving!"

The End

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