The Greeks Sail To Troy

Menelaus was enraged that his wife had been taken, a deep rage overcame him." Agamemnon, my wife has been taken from me, you will be my commander chief, you will gather a force of heroes and their followers to gather at Aulis, we sail to Troy, Helen will be mine again."

 "And if they are unwilling brother?"

"Then Troy will be destroyed."

Agamemnon summond a massive force to sail to Troy, proud of his force he then made a choice. Turning to his brother he spoke almost silently, "We must seek the favourable winds brother, we must sacrifice a life to the gods,"

"But who Agamemnon? Who do we sacrifice?"

"I offer you my daughter, Iphigenia, it will be an honour for her life to be taken for the gods favour, but none other than myself may sacrifice her."

"then it shall be done."

 Iphigenia was then sacrificed that day, Agamemnon took his blade and drove it into his daughter, killing her and gaining the western winds that they needed.

"Now we set sail for Troy, and we will return with what is mine. With or without the Trojans say so."  Menelaus told the mass army of Greece. And so it begins, he thought.

The End

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