Paris abducts Helen (Romance)

She looked lovingly into his soft, warm, blue eyes, and felt herself becoming feint, such was his allure.  She caressed his arms, his neck, his dark, lustrous hair that fell down his shoulders like a velvet blanket.  It was too much.  She swooned at his feet, but his strong hands gathered her to him effortlessly.

He spoke in a breathless, whisper.

"We must leave fair Helen.  You are mine.  The mighty Aphrodite herelf promised you to me,"   His voice became more urgent, "now is the time, while Menelaus is away.  The ship is waiting and the crew ready.  My brother will not even know."

Helen pulled away from him, turning her back, her shoulders heaving as she burst into tears.

"I can't Paris.  It isn't right.  Menelaus is a good man, he doesn't deserve to be treated in this way."

He caught her hand and lightly pulled her to him.  She resisted, but succumbed to his gentle touch.

"My love, this is destined.  We will be together for always.  Don't fight it."

Helen looked into his eyes once more and whispered.

"He is a vengeful man Paris.  He will find us."

With a graceful sweep of his arms, he took her into his arms and gently carried her to the door.

"My father will protect us.  We will be safe in Troy.  She is a mighty city and her walls are impreganable.  Believe me in what I say, Troy will never fall to any man."

"Oh Paris - I love you"

"I love you too Helen"

"Oh Paris."

"Oh Helen."

They both turn, Paris leading Helen by the arm and disappear down the dark stairwell...

The End

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