Head towards the nearest village, hoping for reinforcements.

The thick bed of pine needles covering the path muffle the Ranger's footfalls as he settles into a fast, ground-covering pace. He doesn't waste time trying for stealth. Once the Changechild's pack picks up his scent, they'll be able to track him no matter how quietly he tries to move. His best hope now is speed.

Behind him, the raging howls change in tone. The Ranger knows the sound all too well. The pack has found his trail. Now the hunt is truly on.

Gritting his teeth, the Ranger urges more speed from his tiring body. After a full day's travel and little rest at his campsite, he doesn't know how much longer he can keep up the pace.

Another howl rises, closer than before. The Changechildren are faster, and if he doesn't find something quickly, they will be on him. It can only be minutes before they're close enough to see his fleeing form.

The Ranger digs deep within himself and manages to find one more burst of speed. His sprint brings him into the outskirts of the village he has hoped to find.

The simple wood and stone structures are closed up for the night as the village sleeps. The Ranger has little time to find shelter before the hunting pack finds him.

The End

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