Ignore the threat and fire.

Hesitation is for the weak. Giving little thought to his own well-being and even less to the possibility that this tactic may not work as intended, the Ranger tenses and draws in a single motion, firing the specially crafted arrow towards the half-man, half-beast Changechild that stands in an inhuman hunch across the clearing.

The werewolf, obviously not expecting the Ranger's swift decision-making ability, has barely enough time to dodge the missle as it makes its way towards his chest. Miraculously, the first arrow hits the were-creature in the thigh, narrowly averting a disastrous end.

Unbeknownst to the beast, the second arrow heading his way had all the time in the world to hit it's mark.

With a satisfying thunk, the Changechild crumples into a heap in the middle of the clearing. Seconds later, the creature has shifted back into its human form, a large, muscular man. The killing shaft stands solitary in the center of of his chest. Another wasted life... This is no time to feel remorse, the Ranger thinks to himself.

He walks closer to the corpse, to confirm that the Changechild was in fact dead. A heart-kill, considers the Ranger. Not his finest work — two of those arrows would cost a small fortune to most — but it would have to do.

The Ranger, not taking any chances, kicks over his fire with a boot, grabs his pack and the rest of his worldly belongings, and starts making his way out of the clearing. Scant minutes later, the first howl in the distance sounds the alarm. They'd already found the dead beast in the clearing, and they were coming for him.

The End

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