Speak to whatever creature is hidden across the clearing.

"Get out of here!" The  Ranger's voice rings loudly in the clearing, drowning out the night sounds for the moment. He doesn't expect a reply. He only expects to spook the animal that was stalking him.

The fiery eyes stare unblinking a moment longer, and then glide a little closer to the wavering border between deep shadow and firelight. As they do, the Ranger sees a faint silver light begin to shimmer around the head of the arrow he holds ready to fire. His eyes narrow as he realizes what this means.

"Show yourself, Changechild." The Ranger spits. "Show yourself and die."

A harsh sound, caught somewhere between a chuckle and a growl, comes from the other side of the clearing. "Your arrow is inconvenient, but it can't stop me." The voice is distorted, forced from a throat and mouth that were never designed for speech. "If you know what I am, then you know no normal weapon can." With that, the creature finally moves to the edge of the light. It looks as the Ranger knew it would: too beast to be man, too man to be beast.

As the Changechild (called werewolf in one of the villages the Ranger's travels took him through) moves into the clearing, the silvery luminance around the arrowhead flares brighter. The man-wolf sees this and freezes. "So, you came prepared for my kind." The Changechild growls as it eyes the Ranger with a mixture of rage, hunger, and fear. "But if you kill me, the rest of my pack will run you to the ground. Your death will be much slower and more painful than I would have given you."

The End

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