On being Abandoned

My boyfriend has done worse than play with my head.

I took the letter off of the nightstand on my side of the bed. No thing compares to the child of confusion and terror. But this was six months after college. I thought I was a grown up now.

We had been going out since sophomore year. He was so slick and witty then. Always knew the right thing to say. We moved into the same apartment the next year. Graduated and then toured France. I thought he was the one. Just last week we started to talk about making plans. I wondered where we would go together. Was I too clingy? Was I crowding him? Could I Have done something wrong?

            All of his clothes were gone. His DVD’s, his textbooks, the dolphin pillow I had gotten him for his birthday… and him. My lover and boyfriend for the past two years was suddenly missing and all that was left to replace that part of my life was this hallmark envelope. I peeled the opening back. Fumbled. Ripped the paper envelope covering in half.

A hallmark Saint Patrick’s day greetings card. Blank. Untouched it looked as if it had just been taken off the shelf and placed here next to my bed. I turned it over, turned it back. Looked in the envelope. Look back at the card, checked the back, then back to trying to find the writing from my missing boyfriend that wasn’t there.

A stereotypical ginger leprechaun with a four-leaf clover while in bright green all caps, “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” confronted me. Blocking me from understanding a plain message that I wasn’t processing.

I looked around the room as if to ask, “Wait, what?,” but he wasn’t there to laugh and give me the answer to this riddle. Nothing of his was here… except this. He had taken all the pictures of the two of us but this one. It sat on the book shelf facing out to the room for everyone to see. To show the two of us, even though there is only one in this apartment now. It was the two of us laughing on a grassy slope on the campus. I had been walking to class with a couple of my friends when he rushed up behind me and swooped me off my feet. We tumbled in the grass and my friend Jill had taken a picture of us in all of play.  Did he forget this here? Is this a clue? What does this mean?

The End

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